3 Reasons I Am Moving My Blog…To Facebook

After much consideration, I have decided to move my blog to Facebook.
I will still be blogging but the main difference is that, I will just be blogging exclusively on social media via my Facebook & Instagram.

So here are the three reasons I am doing that:

1. There is a chance that this could (possibly) be the first ever exclusively social media based blog.

I say there is a chance because,

A., there may be one out there that I missed (if you know one please let me know!) and

B., maybe the reason I haven’t seen it is because it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s the worst idea ever. But I’m not afraid to find out.

Either way, I’m willing to venture out and find out for myself. For me, this is blogging: trying new things over and over. Maybe someday I’ll get to something that truly sticks, but until then, I’ll keep on exploring…

2. I’m not at all doing this simply to become the first,

However, if that’s a result of doing this, then I’m happy with it. I just want to try something new, and now is the time. 

3. I’m all about trying new things

If you’ve been following my blog at all since I began in 2012, you will know that I am forever changing things in terms of blog names, design, platform…and for me, the reason why I do that is because this is a journey for me. When it comes to my “online life,” I don’t mind trying new things over and over and I have learned to not feel bad when they’re no longer working for me like they used to.

As Winston Churchill once said,

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” –  Sir Winston Churchill

As I journey toward the frontier of social media blogging, I am keeping the enthusiasm. I don’t feel like I am losing anything. And I can’t wait to see what happens :)

3 Memorial Day Weekend Adventures: A Military Wedding, A Lot of Travel, and Family Time

My husband and I travel for a living and most of our work involves us being gone on the weekends. Thankfully, we had a weekend off this Memorial Day weekend, so we were able to do some really cool things. The number one thing was to go see his military brother and lovely new wife just before they shipped overseas this weekend. There was a lot of celebration, and for us, a lot of driving. We live a few states away from a lot of my husband’s family so we spent a great portion of the weekend driving from Atlanta, Georgia to Northern Illinois.

So here’s our Memorial Day weekend by the *adventure!*

1. A Military Wedding

It was so beautiful to join in on the celebration of my husband’s little brother and wife just before they head across the world! Of course it’s all so bittersweet, but we couldn’t be more proud of them. We even told them to not be surprised if we end up on their doorstep later this year.

The grass is so much greener in Illinois! Literally! Oh, and don’t look too closely at my toes…I did a pretty bum job painting them on the way to the reception. #FAIL

Despite my toenail polish fail, I did manage to succeed at this lifehack I’ve seen on Pinterest. I was pretty proud of myself. I official have a party trick now.

Patrick was playing cornhole, turned around to catch something, but I honestly don’t even remember what that was…

Sun setting in the background so naturally, I had to take a self-portrait. Immediately after snapping, I was called out for taking a selfie, in which I replied that “selfie” is just an abbreviated version of “self-portrait.” You may be able to guess by now I am not a fan of the word “Selfie.”

Watching the sunrise before we hit the road on Sunday. Patrick was particularly excited to be wearing his sunglasses all weekend considering that he just got contact lenses.

2. A Lot of Travel

I didn’t take any pictures of us “on the road” but I did snap one of our lovely little rental car: a FIAT! Who knew these things were so awesome?! We’re not at all used to driving a car this small, but this Fiat 500 totally surprised us. The one thing that was a huge winner was the gas mileage. We drive a huge gas guzzler, which is why we wanted to rent a car for the long trip in the first place, but we were so shocked when we were able to cut out fuel costs down by HALF. We’ve been looking at buying a second car and it’s looking like a Fiat might be making it on the possibility list…

3. Family!

Spent the actual Memorial Day with my parents across town. We used to live right next to them but now it’s about a thirty minute drive which still isn’t so bad. It was nice to have a day of relaxing before work begins this week.

What was your Memorial Day weekend like?


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3 Things to Remember [Memorial Day]

Happy Memorial Day! 3 Things to Remember:

[Photo credit: Chery on VSCO]

1. Remember and honor those that fought and gave their lives for the sake of others.

2. Remember their families and loved ones.

3. Remember to thank those who are still here that are continuously putting their lives on the line for the freedom of others.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!