3 Favorites from a Late Summer Shoot


Late last summer I did a photoshoot with Mary Ashley Morgan out of Nashville. I ended up using some of the photos for my album cover and promotional materials for my music, but I never really shared some of the more “fun” fashion oriented ones from the shoot. Here are some of my favorites!

It was a pretty hot day in Atlanta (of course), but I will still quite happy to have my makeup professionally done at Mac as well as get my hair spiraled. I learned a LOT about doing my makeup that day, as well as how to spiral my hair. What I learned at Mac has still helped me today, but spiraling my hair is NOT something I am capable of doing or maintaining! I do love what the stylist did and I am definitely glad we were able to snap some photos with my hair this way!_DSC0037

Necklace: handmade for a wedding I was in the week before // Vest: a boutique at the Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia, Georgia


Mustard yellow top: Madewell // Black top: Forever 21 // Jeans: Forever 21 // Shoes: Rack Room Shoes


Top (over dress): Kohls // Dress: a boutique in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station called Kate’s Boutique

Thanks so much for reading this post!

3 Makeup Bag Essentials for Traveling

I travel a lot so my makeup routine has to be a little different because of limited time and limited space! Here are three of my favorite things to take with me when I’m on the road. I even made a video for it! Yay! And if you happen to watch it, please be aware that I am an extremely clumsy person and that part of me is definitely represented in said video:

Now onto the list in written form:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.00.54 AM

1. Retractable Brushes

Retractable brushes are pretty much a no-brainer for me when I travel. When I’m working with limited space, I love being able to retract a brush down to a small size and put it into a small purse or even my wallet.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.58.52 AM


2. Compact Containers

If you’re not clumsy like myself, then compact containers may not be necessary, however, if you happen to be a little clumsy, I highly recommend getting you some compact, travel-friendly containers for your makeup. This way, you’re less likely to spill product all over your seat in the airplane or in the rental car (oh wait, never mind..that’s probably just me…)

I like to take containers that are designed for easy application and put my own product in the container. I have found that sometimes I really like the design of a container of a particular product, but not the product itself. So, I’ll empty out the contents of said container and put my own product inside, that way I get the best of both worlds.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.53.48 AM


3. The Beauty Spoon

Have you ever tried to get makeup out of a glass container and it just wouldn’t budge? Well, the beauty spoon is definitely the answer to that problem. It’s made out of rubber and is designed to go inside the bottle and spoon out the rest of the product on the inside of the container.

Because I travel a lot, I don’t always have the convenience of going to my favorite stores and picking up the products I need when I need them. I often find myself having to stretch it for a few days until I’m able to go shopping again. The Beauty Spoon is the only way I can make my products last a little longer until I’m able to get to the store again. I highly recommend!

What’s in your make up bag when you’re traveling?


A Big Blog Announcement

These past few weeks I have really been tossing around the idea of making some major changes here at MorgHarpNich. Of course I blog for fun, and I still planning on blogging about what’s on my mind and what inspires me at the moment, but I’ve been wanting to find a theme; a theme that ties the blog together, whether it be a long post, a short post, a post about fashion, or a post about marriage…I just wanting to think of something that would just make it all make sense, in a tight, concise format. Well, I think I finally found out what that is! And here it is:

A picture of the number "3"

Yes. Three.

The number three represents a few things:

The number of names in my blog name (Morg Harp Nich)

The number of names I go by (Morgan Harper Nichols)

The seconds within my attention span (I’m kidding)

The number of items within every post.

From now on, whatever I post about, will be listed in threes, and I call it the 3 Point Tag.

Three reasons that I _______

Three facts about _______

Three things to know if ________

And so on. The origin of the 3 Point Tag begins right here.

Well, we will see how this goes, but I am very excited about it. I even made a video, that took me THREE HOURS, which is way to long for something so simple, haha. But yeah, check it out if you’d like, and there will be more to come ! :)

The reason why you’ll never see me posting about swimsuits (a swimsuit confession)

Growing up, I never wanted to go outside. My parents would always encourage me to go out, but riding my bike in the driveway for ten minutes was about as far as I would go before I was ready to be back inside. Occasionally I would climb trees or go pick honeysuckles, but that was just to by the time because I had been told by a grownup to “go play outside.”

As you may have gathered by now, when it came to the outdoors, I was, without question, as awkward as an awkward child could possibly be.

Especially when it came to water.

I mean, this is how I felt:

Now, to clarify, I don’t mind the water. I mean sure, it looks fun. And I certainly don’t mind the beach, especially at sunrise or sunset, but I could just never get into swimming or really enjoying being in the water.

When I was eight years old, we moved to house that had a swimming pool in the backyard. Prior to this, my only real experience with a swimming pool had been the park up the road from my church that we would walk to during church summer camp. You had to pay a dollar to get in, and normally, I would just find my way over to the nearest beach chair and sit there wishing I was inside drawing a picture in an air conditioned building while all of the other kids splashed around in the water.

But now that we were in this new house with a swimming pool in the back yard, the pressure was on. We had a pool in our backyard and we were going to swim in it.

My dad grew up in southern California and is actually a great swimmer. He would try to get my sister and I to join in on the “fun” (as he would call it), but I just had no desire.

Somewhere along the way, I think my mom really wanted me and my sister to enjoy this swimming experience (even though she’s not really a swimmer herself) so she took us to K-Mart to pick out some swimsuits.

The first one I saw was instantly my favorite. It was a tie-dye one-piece with a stitched purple heart in the middle. Back in the 90’s, tie-dye and purple were two of my favorite things, so how could I possibly say no?

So the swimsuit was purchased, and now I’m all excited about swimming now.

Took it home, put it on, got in the pool.

This was the summer of 1998 and probably the most I ever spent in any body of water to date. With help from my dad and some other kids who knew how to swim, I learned how to swim just enough to keep myself from drowning. I was pretty proud of myself, and I was beginning to wonder if this swimming thing was actually kind of awesome. Maybe I COULD be an outdoors-y kid like the ones on Bug Juice, after all! 

Finally, the inevitable end of summer hit us, and something happened: my swimsuit went missing.

We couldn’t find it anywhere.

Days passed, and with summer winding down, the swimsuit was nowhere to be found. Days turned into a week or two and the swimsuit was still missing. Thanks to the attention span of an eight year old, I stopped thinking about it and eventually, I stopped thinking about swimming and being outdoors all together. I was back to the old me: sitting in an air conditioned building drawing pictures.

Finally, August arrived. In the state of Georgia, we don’t have summer breaks that last all the way till Labor Day like a lot of other states seem to have. Instead, most counties in Georgia go back to school sometime in August, so even though it’s still a million degrees outside, just about every kid in the state is back in school and consequently, no kid is really thinking about swimming anymore.

One afternoon in late August, my mom was coming home from some kind of function at church. My sister and I were home with our dad, and I remember seeing her coming up the steps carrying a small yellow bag. It’s so crazy because I can still see the imagery so clearly all of these years later: the sun had already put much set in the sky and the fireflies were already out, but I could still see that yellow bag.

She walked up to the backdoor where I was standing waiting for her to come in, and now that she was right in front of me, I could see the bag. It was the yellow bag that I had put my swimsuit in all summer.

“We were cleaning up at the church and somebody found your swimsuit,” She explained, showing me the bag.

“Yay!” I said, reaching for the bag.

“No, no, no…I had to throw the swimsuit away, there was mildew all over it. I guess you had left it at summer camp and it got stuck behind something. I’m going to try to clean the bag, though.”

I was devastated. A few months ago, swimming was this foreign phenomenon that all the cool kids seemed to do. Thanks to my marvelous tie-dyed swimsuit, it had become this magical experience and was now it was something that I was actually capable of.

But for some reason, hearing the fate of my swimsuit ruined it all for me.

My mom probably doesn’t even remember this story, and quite frankly, it really wasn’t anything significant: but out of that story, this happened:

My Swimsuit Confession:

I haven’t put on a swimsuit ever since then.

I know. I know. I’m crazy. I mean, how could I possibly go through most of my life without ever wearing a swimsuit ever again? I am not sure, but I have managed it. Since the 90′s, I have retreated back to my non-swimming lifestyle and I have not put on a swimsuit or stepped foot in a pool ever since.

I’m sure at some point in my life I will find my way into a pool again. Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy a swimsuit. Until then, I’ll just keep on sitting in an air conditioned building…probably drawing pictures.

Now, I am pretty sure that I am alone on the swimsuit thing, but have you ever stopped doing something completely after an experience in your childhood?

A Challenge To The City Girl

Skylines. Taxis. Metros. Skyscrapers….

I love the city. I’ve lived in some of America’s biggest and I’ve spent time in some of America’s smallest. I just love the sight of a building where a cloud could float beneath it, I love cars and trucks rolling around in every direction, and I love how so much life can be happening in one spot on a map.

But sometimes I just feel the need to get away. I need to get away from it all: go somewhere smaller, quainter, quieter..

My husband is a certified country boy, and he’d live on a farm or in the woods any day. I don’t think I could do that, but I do have this desire to have a cabin or a secluded beach to escape to for vacation.

How about you? If you had to pick an extreme, would you pick the bustling city or a secluded area away in the woods or on a beach?



The Story No One Wants to Hear 2 Days After They Get Married

car-accident-and-wrecked-car-on-the-roadThis may be a weird way to start off a Monday morning, but for some reason, something that happened to me 2 days after I got married came to mind this morning, and I just wanted to share it. It was one of those things that happened and at the time, I didn’t really know what to think of it , but for the first time, I think I have finally taken the time to really appreciate the bigger picture.

My husband Patrick and I didn’t get to take a honeymoon after our wedding, so we were pretty much right back to work the following Tuesday (our wedding was on a Sunday). So, when we went to file our marriage license with the state of Georgia, we had to go during our lunch breaks in downtown Atlanta. Patrick was going to school at Georgia State at the time so he was actually able to walk over, while I had had to drive there from my job about fifteen minutes away.

We went in, got our marriage license filed (yay!) and had to go our separate ways to get back to work. Normally, Patrick is the kind of guy that would have walked me to my car, but I told him I would be fine, and plus, he was late for class and really had to get back. Besides, it was broad daylight and I’m no stranger to downtown Atlanta so I figured I would be fine walking alone.

As I headed to parking lot where I had parked, I could see from where I was that there was a man standing near my car. At first, I didn’t think much of it, until I realized that he was actually staring at my car as if he was examining something. Just to give you a picture, he was a middle age man who was dressed in a rather expensive looking suit and tie, and honestly, my first thought was “Okay, so I definitely hit his car and didn’t even notice it and he’s definitely not going to believe me.”

As I began to head to my car, my heart began to pound as I began to mentally prepare myself to call Patrick and tell him I had just hit some dude’s car and now we were going to have to pay for the repairs (Great way to start off a marriage, right!?).

I got a little closer and the guy caught me looking at him and began to back away, but he hadn’t stop looking at my car. And now, he was looking at me.

I looked at the front of my car and from what I could see, there didn’t seem to be any damage. I then looked at the front of the car it was facing in the parking lot: a brand new shiny black Mercedes, but there didn’t seem to be a scratch there either.

As I got even closer to my car, the guy got closer to the Mercedes, and I was pretty sure by now it belong to him. But I was so confused now. Why was he still standing there?

I took a deep breath as I now stood just a few feet away from my car door. The guy hadn’t moved. And now, he was looking directly at me.

By now, I was fully prepared to hear the worst: some kind of way, my car had put a tiny little dent on his bumper and I was about to pay thousands of dollars to get it repaired.

But then, we made eye contact. And the look in his eyes said otherwise.

“What year is this?” He asked, nodding to my car.

I had expected to see anger in his eyes, but it was quite the opposite. He looked compassionate, almost thoughtful…as if he were going to cry.

“Um…a 1998,” I answered, still unsure where this was going. I still had no idea why this guy (who seemed to be doing rather well for himself) had any interest in my 1998 Land Rover.

“I thought so,” He responded, nodding his head, looking toward the car again.

With my phone in my hand, ready to call Patrick, I waited for him to break the bad news to me. And after a few seconds, he finally did.

“My son had a ’98 just like this. Exactly like this,” He said casually.

“Oh nice,” I said, realizing now that he was just reminiscing.

“My son died because of this car. He was just eighteen when it spun out of control and he lost his life…I just…I just wanted to let the person driving this know…” He paused for a moment, and I had a feeling he may have been trying to keep from crying. “And I just wanted to let whoever was driving know to just…just..be really, really careful driving this thing.”

Before I could respond, or say “I’m so sorry to hear that,” he grinned and dismissed himself from the conversation, and walked away.

My heart was no longer beating fast, but it felt heavy. I stood there by my car door, with my phone out and still ready to call Patrick, trying to take it what had just happened.

I couldn’t then, but now, three and a half years later, I hear this story differently now. I don’t just hear it as a dad reminiscing about his son. I don’t just hear a him warning the next person to be safer.

I hear a story that made a difference in me. Why? Because here I am years down the road and I am still thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it. I don’t know that man at all and I am still sorry for his loss and I am sure he still thinks about his son everyday. But despite the pain I am sure he feels, he still felt compelled to share that with with me.

To me, that’s grace. Grace is God’s unmerited favor, His ability to let me be a part of a story that I literally just walked into. While I was so busy stressing out about having to pay for an accident that didn’t even happen, God was setting me up to be a part of something that was completely different.

To me, this story is a reminder that God gives us a place to share our stories, even with perfect strangers: the ugly stories, the ones with sad endings.

Leaving the office after filing my marriage license, I was not expected to feel sad in that moment. But God had another plan. He had me hear that story for a reason.

Sometimes we’re on the receiving in, and sometimes we’re on the giving in. Either way, there’s a reason that story is being shared. And it’s not just because of the punchline or the message at the end of it, it’s because for some reason, God saw fit for you to be a part of it.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a perfect stranger’s “story?” Has a sad story ever taught you something in an unexpected way?

Friday Social Link Up (Facebook)


Happy Friday and welcome to Week #2 of Friday Social Link Up!

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Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.59.56 AM

8 Things That Only Happen In Spring (featuring some talented VSCO artists)

It has truly been the longest winter. Even the few warm days here and there seem to be quickly overshadowed by a persistent long, winter. Like everyone else, I am longer for warmth more than ever.

I’m also longing for these things, that only happen in spring,

as told by some very talented VSCO artists.

1. Memorial Day Weekend

It’s one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know why, but it just is. As a kid, I have memories of going to one of my aunts’ or uncles’ house, grilling out, riding four wheelers…such greatness.

S O U R C E : PiperSeth.Vsco.Co

2. Flowers begin to bloom

Of course this is a given, but isn’t it just beautiful?

S O U R C E : Madeline.Vsco.Co

3. The night skies are brighter.

Thanks to daylight savings time, Spring brings longer days and sunsets that last a while.

S O U R C E : GabrielleAssaf.Vsco.Co

4. Inevitable Rain

Well, I’d take the rain over the cold any day. Also, this happens to be one of my favorite landmarks ever. Had to post this from Yewon.

S O U R C E : Yewon.Vsco.Co

5. More people in the water.

I don’t love swimming, but I do love rafting, boating, etc. Of course these activities are always in full swing in places with warmer climates, but in Georgia? Spring is where it begins again.

S O U R C E : JoelBearStudios.vsco.co

6. Eggs.

Of course there is eggnog at Christmas time, but other than that, this is the only time you will likely hear people talking about eggs other than just eating them. Two years ago my husband and I experienced an Orthodox Easter celebration in eastern Europe. There was a game that they played where two people held red eggs and each player had to crack the other persons egg, and whoever did it first, one. It was interesting.

S O U R C E : NicoleFranzen.Vsco.Co

7. Birds begin to sing

I don’t know about you, but when I hear birds singing in the morning…it puts a smile on my face right away. That’s something coffee can’t even do!

S O U R C E : Sandra Cassado

8. Resurrection Sunday

Last, but not least: When the sunrises on this day, I feel new again. And I am reminded why I have life.

S O U R C E : CJJohnson.Vsco.Co

What are you excited about this spring?

Friday Social Link Up (First Ever!)


Happy Friday, everyone!

So back when I blogged under the name “QUITE The Blog,” I had three link ups going, and boy did we have a lot of fun! However, after I ended that blog to move onto other things, sadly, I didn’t keep the link ups up. And you know what? I have really been missing that part of my blogging life lately.

I know I’m a little rusty, and I don’t even know how much link ups are still “a thing” anymore, but if you are like me and happen to enjoy finding other bloggers and keeping up with them on social media, join me for:

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