I have moved…again

So, I have moved my blog once again.

For a little while, I was reluctant about it but then I thought about it: blogging is a hobby for me, and it’s okay for hobbies to take on new faces from time to time, right?

Well, I feel satisfied with the change and here’s the new domain:

Thanks for reading!!


  • http://www.thehappytype.com Crystal

    You are 100% right about blogging being a hobby FOR YOU, so don’t stress about making a move, especially if it makes you happy! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be putting up in soon. :)

    • admin

      aw thank you crystal! you’re too sweet! :)

  • http://imalwaysashley.com Ashley Flores

    Girl, you’re like a blogging gypsy…lol. Loving the new design though and can’t wait to see what you use this space for :-).


    • admin

      haha thanks, friend! i have realized it’s a hobby so it’ll be okay :)

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