$50 PayPal Cash Giveaway

Well, we had a lovely Christmas. Spent the first half of the day downtown Atlanta with the family, and then had some quality time with my husband the second half. And now it’s 10:30 p.m. and we’re ready to go to sleep!

But before I turn in, I wanted to make sure I announced the biggest solo giveaway I’ve done in a while!

$50 PayPal Cash Giveaway!

(Ends January 10, 2014)

favourite things by keably featuring tailored shorts

And in case you’re wondering about all of the loveliness above, I just wanted to inspire you for the kind of gift you might give yourself with $50!

Anywho, here is the giveaway!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Cynthia G

    Starbucks GC

  • http://thetinyheart.blogspot.com Sharon

    I’d spend it on clothes!

    The Tiny Heart
    Lingerie Giveaway!

  • http://www.melissafayeblog.blogspot.com Melissa

    I would use the money to purchase some weight loss tools for the new year! :)

  • molly c

    i would save it after having to buy all these christmas gifts! :)

  • Elena

    I would buy my son a birthday gift

    • Elena

      Follow you on Pinterest: pinterest.com/elena8

  • http://www.sparklesandshoes.com/ Kelly

    Buy the Naked 3 palette which Santa didn’t bring!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • http://whoisthatgirlmo.blogspot.com Mo

    Cool Giveaway! I would probably use the $50 on a couple of cool graphic sweatshirts.

  • http://blog.lixhewett.com Lix

    I’d save it for my move to London and/or use it to pay a phone bill. They’re kind of the same thing, since my mom needs me to cover the phone bill and that money’s coming out of my UK move fund, lol.

  • http://becauseeverybodyhasastory.blogspot.com/ Cece@Pink Sunshine

    I’d use it for a pair of brown pump booties. The heel on mine broke!!

  • Alaine

    I would use it for diapers for my baby!

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would buy a new pair of booties! :)

  • shane

    Get my shattered car window fixed! Thanks :)

  • Maggie Wallace

    I would put it towards books for the upcoming spring semester!

  • http://the-picture-garden.blogspot.com/ Birgit

    I’d invest it in some handmade goodies on Etsy!

  • Emily B.

    I would use it for new shoes!

  • April

    I would use the money towards a purchase of a new pair of winter boots.

  • http://jezzdallasmakeup.blogspot.com/ Jezz Dallas

    Just right for the after-Christmas shopping seaon :)

  • Jenna D

    I would use it to buy a scarf on etsy

  • http://www.therandomwritings.com Rachel G

    I’d buy some crafting materials for a few new sewing projects!

  • Elena

    Follow: instagram.com/elena1509

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com Veronica Lee

    I would save the money towards my sons’ college fund. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://allison-itsmylife.blogspot.com/ Allison

    I would probably put it towards a massage!

  • http://www.welltraveledwife.com emi

    what a great giveaway!!
    i would love ANY of those pretty items you highlighted! XO


  • Erin

    I would buy either new shoes or some new accessories! :)

  • Patrick Siu

    i would buy groceries

  • Sarah Grace

    Well, I might do the responsible thing and use the cash to help purchase a new winter coat or might just indulge in a new perfume at Sephora.

  • Chelsea

    I’d put it towards the ipad I want to buy :)

  • http://www.dreamsandcolour.com Melissa- Dreams and Colour

    I would split the money between amazon and starbucks =)

  • Chelsea

    I would put it in my savings!

  • http://adashoftime.blogspot.com/ Erin Guy

    I just got a new espresso machine so I would totally buy some pods so I can carry on my coffee addiction :)

  • http://www.yummommy.com K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

    I’d love to grab some more skinnies and some leather leggings if I won, but more than likely I would apply that money to my book cover fund for my upcoming novel.

  • Emily B.

    Slip covers for the chairs in my bedroom!

  • April

    I would put the gift card towards a new pair of boots. Happy New Year!!!

  • Lois

    I would use it as a chance to buy something important to me (most likely a book) that I would not have otherwise been able to buy.

  • molly c

    i would buy a watch

  • Patrick Siu

    id would buy coffee beans

  • shane

    Textbooks unfortunately :)

  • Laura

    I would love to get the naked 3 palette <3

  • Danielle K

    i might save it for some bdays coming up in February!

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com Veronica Lee

    I would spend it on clothes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://fulltimeadventure.blogspot.com/ Kathy Detweiler

    I have a lot of items on my Amazon wish list, I’d probably get something I’ve been wanting for our new house.

  • http://www.herbossyash.com ashley

    I would buy phone cases for my new iphone c or the sequel to a book that I’ve been reading!

  • http://becauseeverybodyhasastory.blogspot.com/ CeCe @Pink Sunshine

    I’d buy some clothes or shoes.

  • E Kay

    New shoes…or boots since theres so much snow here!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • http://www.imperfectlyperfectgrace.com shannon

    Yahhhh!! Found you and your blog! Ok so if I won the cash…I would pay bills…boring I know but I’m going for this “I’m a grown up” thing this year LOL and I really want to pay off my current debts!

  • Ellie W

    I would put it towards a new microwave. Mine is slowly dying.

  • http://hellorigby.com Jenn @ hello, rigby!

    I’d use it to buy some books on my wishlist!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  • http://forevergodsprincess.blogspot.com Sarah Chandler

    Clothes! :)

  • Andrea Darst

    I’d buy something awesome as a gift for my daughter, who graduates high school (early) on 1/23!

  • Cindy A.

    Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway. I would share the gift card with my sweetie. We would probably use it towards a fun night out.

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